Piaggio ApeWe are the UK’s biggest supplier of Piaggio commercial vehicles. We work closely with Piaggio to ensure we always have the widest range and most up to date stock, we also offer a comprehensive range of spares and parts to our dealers to make sure that their customers are happy.

We are currently working closely with Italy to introduce the to the new fantastic range of Electric Apés that have become available in 2014. These vehicles are proving hugely popular with businesses in busy commute areas such as London and Dublin.

The Piaggio Ape is an iconic little van. Historically it has been known as a Tuk-Tuk and used as a Rickshaw to carry passengers through busy city streets and into the country. In the modern day our little vans have hundreds of applications, from Coffee Carts to promotional tools, right up to passenger transport and multiple other inter-industry applications. Piaggio commercial vehicles succeed where a smaller vehicle is needed!

Over the years we have visited Piaggio Italy many times, we recently visited again as invited guests. works closely with Piaggio to ensure the smooth production of our vehicles and requirements. As the UK and Ireland’s only sole official Piaggio commercial distributor we work hand in hand to ensure the Ape range is understood and valued in the UK and in Ireland.


A strong focus on results, commitment to customer satisfaction, innovative drive and a sensibility for the future needs of the market are what must steer both individuals and teams in their work, with the aim of creating value for all our stakeholders. With this mentality, our people are the fundamental element that allows us to take up each and every challenge presented by an international scenario that is becoming increasingly more dynamic and competitive.

It is for these reasons that Piaggio places such central importance on people in the organisation, assuring them our respect and protection in all Group companies.







Technical Manager



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Mission Statement

The mission of the Piaggio Group is to generate value for its shareholders, clients and employees by acting as a global player that creates superior quality products, services and solutions for urban and extraurban mobility that respond to evolving needs and lifestyles. To stand out …


The Piaggio Group is convinced that responsibility is a commitment which goes beyond the boundaries of the Company and must positively involve everyone in the Company-supplier chain; This is why suppliers worldwide that wish to do business with Piaggio have to sign the general conditions of supply of the Piaggio Group which include the “Code of Ethics and Guidelines for doing business”; audits are regularly conducted on the Group’s direct material suppliers to ensure their effective compliance.


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Kennetts are delighted to have teamed up with us here at Piaggio Commercial UK to offer an exclusive insurance product, that provides discounted rates and wide policy wording to meet your requirements. As well as being able to source all the cover you need via one policy their experienced team are there to answer any queries you may have.

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We bought an Ape to add to our marketing budget for 2014, the Ape has proved a huge success getting us the attention we needed. We have just added another four Piaggio Apes to the range for this year. We had them fitted out we digital media screens for advertising and we drop them at key locations in central London. These quirky vans punch well above their weight.

Hugh Annuse

The Piaggio Ape 50cc  has been a superb van for our mobile coffee business. We get customers taking pictures of the van, they love it. We traded a Christmas market last year and generated £1350.00 in revenue. The Ape give us the retro Italian look we were looking for and it has never missed a beat.


We use our TM for delivering flowers in central London for city use the van is perfect, the 220cc petrol engine is more than powerful enough to negotiate the city streets. Our Marketing budget has been dramatically reduced since we bought the Ape. It getting more notice than any other marketing campaign we have done recently.


We use our classic for digital advertising. It has been well received by a number of Blue chip companies to promote their businesses.