Apé 50 Electric Van – More in Less Space

The Apé 50 is the smallest and most versatile range of commercial vehicles available today. Parking and accessibility are never a problem, even in the tightest city centre streets. This electric version has been a huge hit with various firms across major cities in the UK. The vehicle runs using electric power only with no backup of fuel power, for this reason it has been approved to be placed in various ‘restrcited’ locations such as airports and train stations. With its easily accessible platform, the generous space of the van version and the young style of the Cross, Apé 50 offers practically limitless solutions.
We offer an extensive range of Apé parts and accessories to accompany any dealer, making sure your customers stay happy and on the road at all times!

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The Piaggio range  has been a superb addition to the fleet. We get customers taking pictures of the van, they love it. The Ape gives us the retro Italian look we were looking for and it has never missed a beat. Our Marketing budget has been dramatically reduced since we bought the Ape. It getting more notice than any other marketing campaign we have done recently.

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Available in the following colours:
Ape Panel Van Colours

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