Piaggio Porter Pick-Up – For Every Application

The Piaggio Porter prides itself on the wide range of tasks it can perform. The piaggio porter is a dynamic, multi-functional tool that will assist you in going about your daily tasks. Not only will it fill your requirements, it will exceed your expectations.

We offer an extensive range of porter pick up parts and accessories to accomply any dealer, making sure your customers stay happy and on the road at all times!


An invaluable feature for maximum functionality: extraordinarily compact and easily manoeuvrable, this variant offers outstanding load capacity in a small package. With its all-flat deck optimising space in the load bay, it is ideal for transporting any type of cargo. The two drop sides and hinged tailboard, made from 40 cm high alloy or 30 cm steel panels and featuring practical retractable ergonomic handles, facilitate loading and unloading even when using mechanical loading equipment.


The tipper bed is indispensable for construction businesses as it ensures faster aggregate loading and unloading and reduces manoeuvring and transport times. It also boasts a high-angle hydraulic tipper system, a manually or automatically opening tailboard and an all-flat deck for optimised cargo space.

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The Piaggio range  has been a superb addition to the fleet. We get customers taking pictures of the van, they love it. The Ape gives us the retro Italian look we were looking for and it has never missed a beat. Our Marketing budget has been dramatically reduced since we bought the Ape. It getting more notice than any other marketing campaign we have done recently.

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Available in the following colours:
Ape Panel Van Colours

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